Talent Program

Shenzhen High-Level Talent Plan

Shenzhen gathers leading national talents, local level leading professional talents, and reserve talents with great development potential. By mixing these groups of talent, Shenzhen has created a highly professional echelon of talents with continuous innovation that is well structured, energetic and active, and concentrates on minimizing mediocrity and enhancing excellence.


Name Academic Rank Department Talent type Year
Li Chuangchuang Professor, Deputy Department Head Chemistry Local leader 2010
Li Fengliang Chair Professor School leader National leading talent 2012
Wang Tao Associate Professor Biology Local leader 2012
Zhong Hanbing Assistant Professor Biology Local leader 2012
Yang Jun Engineer Physics Reserve Talent 2012
Peng Cheng Engineer Biomedical Engineering Reserve Talent 2012
Xiang Ju Assistant Professor Finance Local Leading Talent 2013
Yu Chunhong Engineer Biology Reserve Talent 2013
Luo Shusheng Engineer Policy Analysis Test Center Reserve Talent 2014
Sun Bianxia Visiting Assistant Professor Finance Reserve Talent 2014
Lv Mo Engineer Biology Reserve Talent 2015
Zhang Xiangao Engineer Physics Reserve Talent 2015
Chen Shiyi Chair Professor Mechanics & Aerospace Engineering Outstanding Talent 2016
Yu Dapeng Chair Professor Physics Outstanding Talent 2016
Liu Ke Chair Professor Chemistry Outstanding Talent 2016
Chen Xiaofei Chair Professor Earth & Space Sciences Outstanding Talent 2016
Guo Hongwei Chair Professor Biology National leading talent 2016
Chen Yongshun Chair Professor Ocean Science & Engineering National leading talent 2016
Zhao Yue Associate Professor Physics National leading talent 2016
Liang Jiansheng Professor Biology Local leader 2016
Yang Zhaojun Associate Professor Finance Local leader 2016
Guo Ling Associate Professor Academy of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies Reserve Talent 2016
Wang Yichuan Senior Research Scholar Biology Reserve Talent 2016
Liu Junguo Professor School of Environmental Science and Engineering National leading talent 2017
Zhang Jian Professor School of Medicine Local leader 2017
Zhao Jianhua Professor Center for Higher Education Research Local leader 2017
Wu Changfeng Professor Biomedical Engineering Local leader 2017
Fu Chenglong Professor, Deputy Department Head Mechanical and Energy Engineering Local leader 2017
Dai Peng Vice Director Human Resources Office Reserve talent 2017
Ren Hengxin Associate Professor Ocean Science and Engineering Reserve talent 2017
Zhang Zhenguo Associate Professor Earth and Space Sciences Reserve talent 2017
Ma Xiaoying Engineer Biology Reserve Talent 2017